welcome to the home of cyberspaces greatest soykaf connoisseur

who are you

my name is felix, i'm an austrian student from the federal state of tirol. i go to HTL which is an austrian high-school with a focus on IT. i sometimes try to look like i know what i'm doing, also capitalization is a spook.

for some more info, use curl https://unix.tirol/card.txt

wtf is this shit

this website was supposed to be for posting school assignments (servus herr professor schöpf) but i upload anything i create (which is not a lot, sadly) on here.

if you want to know what kind of software i used for this site, go here

ok but why does it look so shit

because you have shit taste.

on a serious note, you probably have different opinions on what a website should look like than i do. when normal people think of a website they imagine something like this. i think websites should look like this, this, or maybe this. the pages on here are also peak web-design.

where can i find stuff on here

look at the section below:


about this site:

stuff i used:

nginx is a webserver, it's faster and less bloated than apache. i would have used an even less bloated alternative but i have no idea how to make those use https. although for my usecase https is unnecessary anyways so i may switch someday.

org is a markup language similar to markdown but a lot more powerful. it's part of emacs' org-mode which can do fancy stuff like generate html files from org documents. i like org.

here is the org file from which this page was generated

you know what css is

stuff i did not use:

  • ads, tracking and other dumb shit
  • i would have not used any js but org injects some js for code syntax highlighting. if you know how to disable that shit, write me an email

browse this website with:

  • normie browsers (on desktop and mobile)
  • minimal browsers like netsurf or dillo
  • text browsers like eww, lynx, w3m
  • curl https://unix.tirol/index.org | less
  • nothing (this is the most minimal and recommended option)