images @ UNIX.TIROL


i've made some custom wallpapers while i was gone. enjoy!

this is the first one i made, it's very creatively named "selfmade.png"


experimenting with fractals in gimp:


this one is called suffering nightmare because i wrote suffering nightmare on it for some reason. i dislike this one the most, it's boring as fuck, but i figured i'd share anyways:


more fractal stuff and an AI-generated image in the middle (DALL-E mini). i might do more things with AIs, they generate very interesting images to use and manipulate.


this is literally me when i rave:


business card

learned to use inkscape today, so i made an image version of my terminal business card (curl


how i feel about cookies:

i don't like them. pic related


dipping my toes into glitchart

i was bored and decided to play around with the test photo. here's some of the things i did:

  • open the original jpg file in vim and copy/paste lines around
  • export the file to png in gimp and save the file while it's exporting
  • export the file to an xbm, which is basically a C array representing an image

i combined the results of that, along with some bits of the original image, here's the end result:


test photo

this is my favourite stuffed animal as a test