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Lainchan webring


these sites have been checked recently and returned a statuscode of 2xx or 3xx

Dumpster dive:

these sites are either very based, completely retarded, offline, or all of those things at once

look for a webring thread in the Lainchan/Ω Catalog!

moar linx: the super dimension fortress, get a unix account for free! add cute cats to your website personal website with lots of articles, guides, shrines and good links (one of) the OG(s) of lain websites 2-bit themed website with lots of cool stuff collection of 4 ebin websites, (2 of which are broken atm) they like Quake 3 Arena personal website with a very nice aesthetic minimal MVC framework for php 8 homepage of nixx, formerly on many awesome things to find textmode-fonts, demos, projects and blog posts about retro-pc things homepage of sabotage linux, a statically linked, runit-based linux distro a new born christian talks about unix/linux and christianity (who'd 'av thunk) john grubers homepage (the creator of markdown) insane contrarian programmer wiki, not to be taken (completely) seriously cool wiki in the style of cat-v the concept of intellectual property is dumb. free the bytes, yo! domain says it all. this is how most websites should look like a classic garbage website with worthless bullshit nfts, i enjoy it very much website about privacy, decentralization and a free and open internet a fun little game about user interface bullshit old school website made with alien technology, cool ascii art and files to browse nice website to learn about SPF, DKIM and DMARC interactively website that documents a wave of fraudulent legal warnings (german)


if you are curious about my webring setup, here's how i do it:

  1. download banners
  2. rename the file appropriately (filename equals the domain of the site) if the website is on a path, the slashes will be encoded as %2F (eg. =>
  3. run a shell script which takes a list of correctly named images and prints the corresponding links as <a><img/></a> tags. dependinge on whether the websites are online or not the links get printed to stdout or stderr, so you can save them into two seperate files.
  4. use sed to insert the image links into the webring template file, which contains comments that mark where to insert the links.

this may not be the perfect approach but it works well enough for now. if you have questions or suggestions, feel free to contact me